The Ultimate Game of Sabotage, Rivalry, and a Stroke of Luck!
Ready to add a brand-new, rivalry-fueled board game to your collection?

Guaranteed to fill your room with plenty of laughs, frustration, and unpredictability, 44 Crossing® is the ultimate board game to play with friends and family.

To win the game, you must roll the exact number needed to land on your 44 finish line.

Sounds simple, right? Wrong!

When rolling near the finish line, your opponents are likely waiting to send you back a few spaces…or worse, back to Start.     Learn How to Play

It’s time to bring out your competitive side and sabotage your loved ones for personal gain!


1 Game board
22 Strategy Cards
10 Player Pawns
1 Die & Instruction Sheet

44 Crossing Board Game

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Mateo X. Rhodes, Grandson of Brenda Rhodes Jackson